Other Services

Tree ImageFiscal Sponsorship

Gifts to Share, Inc. financially manages or "sponsors" projects and programs on behalf of non-exempt organizations and community groups who need to raise funds to achieve their goals. This service is also referred to as "fiscal agent" service. The City of Sacramento should be a partner in the project. Examples of projects include new park playgrounds, neighborhood revitalization projects, events, or youth programs.


Gifts to Share, Inc. assists city staff and community groups in formulating fundraising plans and securing corporate and individual gifts, sponsorships, and grants. Gifts to Share, Inc. published a Volunteer Project Guide that helps volunteers with project planning, fund-raising, and implementation.

Training Support

Book ImageGifts to Share, Inc. supports training in fundraising, sponsorships, grantwriting and research, and volunteer development. Technical advice, training, and mentoring services can be arranged for volunteers and community groups who want to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

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